Salsamania 1st Auditions July 29th

Salsamania Dance Company! 1st Auditions for all teams July 29th


July 29

at 2:30PM


At Trillant Dance Studios
130 Linden Street, Oakland, CA

About Salsamania

Salsamania Dance Company was founded in 2000 by John and Liz. The company is unique in many ways, but one distinction is that everyone is given a chance to learn if they have a passion for salsa and a positive attitude. The atmosphere at rehearsals is intense, yet relaxed, and encourages learning.

Salsamania members are trained not just to perform routines, but also to develop skills and techniques that they can carry onto the social dance floor. John and Liz encourage all members to utilize the patterns and shines they teach in clubs, at socials or anytime a member goes dancing.

The dance company is divided into different groups of varying skill levels:

  • Salsamania (professional team)
  • Salsamania y Su Nueva Dimension (mixed level pro-am team)
  • Lady Mambo (Professional ladies footwork team)
  • Lady Stilo (amateur ladies footwork team)
  • Men’s Team (On1 and On2)
  • Salsamania On 1 Student Team
  • Salsamania On 2 Student Team

NEW: Salsamania Men’s and Ladies’ Team!

NOTE: No Partner Necessary and Dress comfortable

Private auditions are also available. To schedule an appointment or for any other questions, please contact us at or by phone at (510) 928-8535 or (510) 697-1892.