Salsa Training

Group Instruction

John & Liz regularly teach classes at various clubs and studios around the SF Bay Area where students can learn in a relaxed social environment.  Most classes are on a drop-in basis and draw large groups of beginner and intermediate students.  Students can start at any time.  The classes cover all elements of salsa including the basic step, individual footwork, and partnering patterns.

Intensive Training

John & Liz also run 3-month long training series several times throughout the year: an “On 1” training team for advanced beginner and intermediate dancers and an “On 2” team for intermediate and advanced dancers as part of Salsamania Dance Company’s training program.

Private Lessons

Want hands-on, one-on-one salsa instruction? Book your private lessons with John & Liz! They customize lessons based on your needs, from the basics to footwork, styling, partnering, routines, and competition readiness.

Global Expansion

In 2009, John & Liz founded Salsamania of Seatle, which has grown to over 50 dancers in both training and choreography teams. Find out more by checking out the Bellatown Dance Studio websiteSalsamania India, the first international expansion, was founded 2014 and has rapidly grown in the city of Pune. 2017 brought the newest expansion to Marin County in Santa Rosa, CA!

Monday Drop-Ins

Just Dance Ballroom

2500 Embarcadero
Oakland, CA 94606
(510) 436-9888

7:00pm | Beginner Lesson
8:00pm | Intermediate Lesson
9:00pm-12:00am | Social Dancing

The On 1 class taught me the basics I needed in order to understand salsa dancing. John and Liz gave me the tools I needed to be able to dance socially, to dance with a team and to compete with a partner. Neena D.

I remember… struggling with the idea of turns. I could not seem to spot or avoid falling over to save my life. In my second season, though, I started doing the drills we learned in class and, to my great surprise, they worked. I began spotting and my wobbling all over the dance floor was greatly reduced. Liz K.

The On 1 class was by far the best beginner’s class that I’ve taken. I was able to meet really motivated dancers of all skills which helped me improve fast. I’d recommend the On 1 class to any person wanting to learn salsa in a heartbeat. Lusa L.